Design a physical artefact for your thesis.

‘How is gender inequality and sexism portrayed in Mad Men?’


Thesis design uses the same thematic colours as the television show’s title sequence, red, white and black. The stylised imagery showcases the themes and substance of the as well foreshadowing it’s tone and atmosphere that encompasses the 1960s. I have chosen to create a DVD box set, however instead of seven seasons it will be seven sections of the thesis with a dvd cover, booklet and disk. For the outer box cover it will have use silhouettes of the characters and reference list on the back with the abstract, the individual DVD cases will follow a similar design but focused on the topic of the section. Studying graphic and media design, It will demonstrate my editorial and packaging skills.


This thesis aims to to critically analyse award winning television drama Mad Men’s (2007), portrayal of gender inequality and sexism towards the female protagonists. Discussing traditional gender roles, a close reading of the male gaze, the treatment of women in the workplace, and it’s parallels with the present day. The misogynistic 1960s office culture portrayed in the show, challenges the extent to which we have progressed. What can be learnt from the historicised lens of the show, does Mad Men perpetuate these outdated stereotypes projected on women, or is it reflective of an era in our history.